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Give-Back Program

S&S Global believes in giving back to our families and friends in need; therefore, a portion of the relocation commission will be donated back to our community on behalf of our client. The client is to choose from any of the 4 charities below or make a special request for a different non-profit organization to make their donation.

All of the charities selected hold dear to S&S Global’s heart. They focus primarily on strengthening, protecting, and educating the youth in our community who are less fortunate. Our youth is the foundation of our future; we want to help contribute in any way possible to provide a safe, and healthy environment for them to call home.

Miami Bridge Youth Shelter is utilized by the community as the axis point of all Miami-Dade County efforts in dealing with kids in crisis who are runaways, truant, homeless or having issues at home. In Miami-Dade County, they are the only emergency home serving kids ages 10 to 17. At the Bridge, they provide a full range of services including in-shelter counseling, field trips, in-home counseling and reunification with family.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Habitat for Humanity served over 1.6 million people through home construction, rehabilitation and repairs and by increasing access to improved shelter through products and services. Other efforts like training in construction and financial management and by advocating for policies and systems that increase access to housing solutions, an additional 3 million people now have the potential to improve their living conditions. Over 1 million families have been served as of June 2014 since Habitat was founded in 1976.

The Face Of Childhood Hunger Foundation Aiding Communities to Eliminate Childhood Hunger.

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