Zurami Pascual -

Zurami Pascual

I highly recommend Samantha Scalzo and her team for all your real estate transactions. In my opinion this young lady is beyond professional and goes well above her job description to represent her clients and most times does the work for all involved. I have had the opportunity to hire her for two transactions and both have been nailed 300 percent. Highly recommended.

Zurami Pascual

( CEO Boca Tan )

Other Testimonials

As a real estate attorney, I work with some of the most qualified and successful real estate professionals. I especially enjoy collaborating with Samantha Scalzo and S&S Global team is full of seasoned and motivated professionals. Knowledgeable, talented, hard-working, and creative, they apply their passion and ideas to contribute to their clients’ success.

Lana Ivanoc

( Attorney )

I have worked with a number of brokers in Florida and I can honestly say Samantha and her team are the best. They took pictures of all the minor damage that existed in my rental when I moved in so I would be able to recover my deposit, and saved all the paperwork in a special file so it can be recovered a year or two down the road when I need it. Who does that?

Tom Ryan

( CEO of Workbeast )

Samantha is a special breed of professional. She works with extreme diligence and does so tirelessly and effectively. I have certainly tested the patience, and abilities of Samantha and her incredible team. With neither complaint nor protest, they have unwaveringly strived to meet my needs and, in doing so, exceed my expectations. I am no easy customer, and I can say without hesitation that S&S Global has earned my business indefinitely.

Joseph Belmont

( Principal of Belmont Investment Corp, Partner Lime Fresh )

I have been working with Samantha Scalzo for several years, and it has always been a wonderful experience. Her tenacity, her research, and her knowledge about the market go beyond expectations. In a few weeks she solved a very important housing situation for myself, and a VIP client of mine, not only met but also surpassed our expectations with every single detail.

Eduardo Prado

( President of EAP Productions )

Samantha & S&S Global made my renting experience a surprising breeze when I had to move from one condo to another in Miami. The search was made streamline and I was confident that I was getting the price and quality in the market.

Colin Thompson

( American Race Car Driver, COO LMP Motors )

A family friend referred me to Samantha Scalzo when I was struggling to find affordable accommodations in Miami on my own. Being the first time apartment hunting for myself, I was unsure of what to expect from a broker's service. Samantha and her team managed to exceed all of my expectations, and 9 months later, I am still very happy with the apartment she found for me!

Donald Zerio

( Client, CT Resident )

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