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America’s 7 Most Recession-Proof Cities according to @realtordotcom👇

Lincoln, NE
Wichita, KS
Fargo, ND
Victoria, TX 📸
Knoxville, TN
Tulsa, OK
Des Moines, IA

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New Year, New House? #LifeHacks for Cheap remodeling👇

1) Remove holiday decor
2) Replenish home scents
3) Lean on neutrals
4) Swap indoor greenery
5) Plan future projects
6) Update your bedding
7) Focus on one drawer at a time
8) Change layout

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Can you name that architecture style?

If you guessed.. International Style, you were correct! This style architecture was developed in the 1920s and 1930s, related closely to modernism and modern architecture. First defined by Museum of Modern Art curators Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson in 1932, based on works of architecture from the 1920s.🎨

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How to Make Big Bucks on AirBnB: 5 Vacation Home Secrets

1️⃣ The bed should be the throne of the house. No matter how beautiful everything else is, if they can’t sleep well, guests have a bad experience
2️⃣ Create a unique welcome basket
3️⃣ Pick a theme experience
4️⃣ Replace personal items with accessories unique to your geographical location
5️⃣ Create a social media footprint for your property
AirBnB has proven that hospitality, generosity, and trust between strangers can go a long way!

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National Treasures: Top 5 U.S. Cities Where You Can Live in a Piece of History

1️⃣Cambridge, MA and its massive estates wouldn’t sit empty for long. The growing upper ranks of American society would come to occupy the city that was home to Harvard University, which was founded in 1636.
2️⃣Washington, DC many of the country’s most significant events would take place here—from Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, to the Watergate break-in, to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage.
3️⃣Charleston, SC founded by English colonists in the 17th century, is known to history buffs for playing a starring role in the start of the Civil War.
4️⃣Davenport, IA The most iconic building in Davenport, IA, on the Mississippi River, is its grand clock tower built in 1895 as part of City Hall.
5️⃣Providence, RI a Puritan minister who was banished from the repressive Massachusetts Bay Colony, crossed the river and founded Providence, RI, in 1636. After the Revolutionary War, Providence transitioned into an industrial city with factories popping up around town.

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7 Common Landlord Responsibilities All Tenants Should Know!

1. Provide ‘safe and habitable’ housing
2. Give advance notice before entering the property
3. Make major repairs in a timely manner
4. Give advance notice before raising rent
5. Provide their personal contact information
6. Follow eviction laws
7. Return security deposits promptly

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Check out the top 5 places to live in America!

The suburbs are coming back! 👇🌍 #ExpertAdvice

1 – Frisco, TX
2 – Ashburn, VA
3 – Carmel, IN
4 – Elicott City, MD
5 – Cary, NC
🤔 Have you heard of any of these places?

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Hot Decor Trends for Winter giving your home a cool refresher:

Dark wall colors
Grass-cloth furniture
Maximalist fabrics & prints
Dusty pink decor
White-painted floors

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13 RE tips that hold true in EVERY market

1️⃣Always conduct through research on the current market
2️⃣Don’t reject low-priced offers without negotiating
3️⃣Buy whenever you can
4️⃣Get into the rental market where it makes sense
5️⃣Factor in fees
6️⃣Buy a home to secure personal rent control
7️⃣Always invest based on location
8️⃣Find trustworthy partners in the RE process
9️⃣Keep your home’s condition pristine if you’re looking to sell
1️⃣0️⃣Be selective, don’t be afraid to walk away
1️⃣1️⃣Approach negotiations from a collaborative, not competitive standpoint
1️⃣2️⃣Find an experienced local RE agent
1️⃣3️⃣Remember a home’s true value is determined by the buyer

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5 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Warehouses:

⭐️ The largest Amazon warehouse in the UK which is 1 Million SF.
⭐️ The UK Warehousing Association has 650 company members.
⭐️ The 1st warehouses were invented in the Late Stone Age.
⭐️ London = the world’s most expensive warehouse space.
⭐️ Facebook stores 60,000 servers in warehouse data centers.

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