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Puppy proof your home before disasters happen!🐶

Hide electrical cords, keep cupboards closed and store cleaning products, have puppy gate, block off fireplace, put away shoes replace for chew toys. Create designated space for dog with dog bed. Apply the same principles outside & keep routines!

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Life rules to always remember!

1️⃣ Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it
2️⃣ Give more than you take
3️⃣ Under-promise, then over-deliver
4️⃣ Keep business and personal separate
5️⃣ Obey the Golden Rule
✨ Keep moving, keep playing and keep dreaming✨

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How to freshen up your summer outdoor decor!

✨Bright summer whites
✨String lights
✨Sheer curtains
✨Outdoor carpet

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Quick Tip!

Did you know the average smartphone user unlocks their phone 150/daily thinking “they might get a message?” Viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% retention from reading a text 📲.

Know your market and start recording videos 🎥!

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Best morning routine! What do you do? 👇 Comment below!

• Prepare to be productive
• Write your to-do list the night before
• Get a good night sleep
• Get up early
• Read
• Exercise
• Have breakfast
• Start with the worst job
• Be consistent

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This weeks featured rental

#RentalAvailable –  BrickellHouse #1710 professionally decorated/furnished 2-bed/2-bath, features floor to ceiling glass, private spacious balcony with gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay and stunning city views. BrickellHouse has 46-stories with over 300+ residences ranging in size from entry level studios to penthouses in the sky. The building includes state-of-the-art amenities, pools, gym, spa, movie room, business center and so much more! 

Just bring your toothbrush! Contact us for exclusive rental options within this prestigious building!

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Best time to sell your house? 👇Top 5 factors to consider:

Spring isn’t always the best time to sell, there is often more competition around this time. 📉

Pay attention to the local economy. 💰

Pay attention to mortgage rates, if they’re too high buyers often will hold on purchases. 📈

Make sure your home is in good shape. 🏡

Be prepared to clean, list and sell! 🧹🧽

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Miami is ranked a top global city for its prime residential property.

According to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report, Miami is expected to be the fastest-growing luxury real estate market in the US and the 5th fastest-growing in the world in 2019! 🌴💲✨

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#HouseHacks – No side table? No problem!

• Art books, artfully arranged
• Floral hat boxes in graduated sizes
• Wooden crates, whether for fruit or more nautical-looking lobster traps
• Channel the popular organic modern style with rough-hewn tree trunks
• A garden stool from your local garden store
• Moroccan pouf as extra seating
• Bar cart
• Simple folding chair

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Moving tips! 

1.Prepare a printable moving binder with all important documents and checklists

2.Purge & declutter months before your move

3.Collect boxes as soon as you know about your move

4.Budget & Save

5.Prepare the kids, crock pot the easy meals 🙂

6.Color code labels to know what is staying, going, selling and signs for moving day to stay organized

7.Keep an inventory list

8.Keep first day, night and cooking essentials out for each family members prior to moving

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